Farewell Blog Post

I’ve accomplished many of my goals in my 8th grade year. I have become more organized, and have been developing multitasking skills and preparing myself for everyday. I also have become more physically active to prepare for the sports I’m participating in during my highschool years. Another goal that I have had for a very long time, and have accomplished in the past months, is starting to volunteer at the local animal shelter. I help clean the enclosures, feed the animals, and play with them so they can exercise.

This year has been full of ups and downs, for me and my family. On the good side, I’ve been given the chance to travel with my friends to a different state, and I’ve been gifted with concert tickets to my favorite singer. My group of friends are very drama free, and we have a fun time when we’re together instead of stressed because some drama has occupied our time. I’ve accomplished many goals, but some unfortunate things happened during these periods. I watched my brother injure himself twice in 2 different basketball games. This took a big chunk of time out of my routine to reach these goals because I had to help my parents take care of my brother. I’m thankful that he is completely healthy again, but this was a setback for reaching my goals.

The advice I would give future 8th graders is always be prepared, but make sure you take breaks and spend time with friends and family. Being prepared for class is one of the most important things that I could’ve done for myself, because I never had to leave class to get a material needed and possibly miss something on the current topic being taught. I also realized that sometimes your body and mind needs a break every once in a while, so taking breaks can really help you when your studying and prepare you to be ready for that next test. Being prepared will help you in the long run, you just need to be ready to take it on.


MiracleFeet is an important and truly inspiring organization that helps children grow correctly and get a proper education for their entire lives. This charity is targeted towards children born with a defect that affects the lower leg(s) and causes them to walk improperly. MiracleFeet has one goal in mind; to make a comfortable brace for children to wear to help shape their feet back into the correct position.

Founded by the parents of children born in the US, MiracleFeet is working to fix the defect known as clubfoot. This is a condition that causes the legs of newborn babies to develop improperly, and shortens the ligaments of the leg inflicted with this abnormality. This defect can range from being very mild to severe, depending on the child, and it occurs in more boys than girls. Clubfoot causes most children to hide away in their homes, because they’re targets for abuse, poverty, and neglect from the family. In addition, these children don’t get the benefits that most children are able to get; an education, because walking is so difficult. “Clubfoot affects one out of every 800 children worldwide, making it one of the most common birth defects in the world.” says MiracleFeet writers. MiracleFeet is determined to stop these risks from happening, by making a comfortable, durable brace to help these children. This method, known as the Ponseti method, is a nonsurgical, effective way to and heal clubfoot patients.

person showing both hands with make a change note and coins

MiracleFeet is currently working in 26 different countries across Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. “At this time, MiracleFeet focuses exclusively on bringing clubfoot treatment to low and middle income countries where access to proper treatment is difficult.” says the MiracleFeet authors. MiracleFeet is expanding the age for treatment to start, from as early as a one week old to 16 years of age based on other reports. Although this treatment will work for many ages, the ideal time to start treatment is within a week after birth because the ligaments and tendons are not fully developed and have a lot of elasticity, so they can straighten their legs even quicker. 

MiracleFeet has no big projects going on currently, but this charity is currently working to make the shoes on the brace even more comfortable, the bar more flexible, and working to give the children in need more chances of surviving and getting an education with this brace. This brace will give the children more opportunities to go to school, grow properly, and be successful later in life without needing any additional care. “The brace is currently undergoing testing and although this may change in the future, we are currently unable to offer it for purchase in the US due to liability, availability, and cost.” says MiracleFeet writers. One of their other goals is to make the brace less expensive, so everyone around the world can purchase one for their child. Most braces made to heal clubfoot are well made and expensive (from $200 – $1000), while others are cheaper and not built very well (from $8 – $40).

teacher teaching children raising hands in classroom

There are many ways to help this charity in their goal of treating every child born with clubfoot so they can grow healthy and have the benefits of everyone else! You can donate money ranging from $20 – $10,000, fundraise in many different ways, and give money while you shop. Fundraising can include a birthday party, but instead of gifts, everyone donates to MiracleFeet, and run in a race with The MiracleFeet Endurance Team. At certain stores that sponsor MiracleFeet, 5% of the money earned from online shopping will go to MiracleFeet.


MiracleFeet has one goal in mind; to make a comfortable brace for children to wear to help shape their feet back into the correct position. This charity is targeted towards children born with a defect that affects the lower leg(s) to give them the chance of living a normal life without this deformity slowing them down. MiracleFeet is an important and truly inspiring organization that helps children grow correctly and get a proper education for their entire lives.

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For more information about this charity and their many goals and stories, visit their website here.

Refugee Reflection

After reading the book “Refugee”, it has become my favorite book so far. It explains true world events during different time periods, using fictional characters. One occurred during World War II, in 1939 with Josef. Another occurred when the Soviet Union stopped providing materials to Cuba, in 1994 with Isabel. The third was when civil war broke out in Aleppo, Syria, in 2015 with Mahmoud. All of these stories were very interesting to read, especially because these are or once were real events that went on somewhere in the world. Illegal immigration is one of the most talked about topics in the US today, and can be interesting to learn about when getting deeper into the topic.

I learned more information about this topic from the novel. From what I read, most refugees are trying to come to the US because they feel invisible and want to be heard. They either just want to escape their home country and come to the US, or try to escape and go somewhere else in the world. What I have heard is people protesting to let the immigrants into the US, which I personally don’t agree with, and people protesting to build the border wall, to protect the citizens that were born and raised in the United States of America. In my opinion, I think that if the people trying to get into the US, the should fill out their papers, get a background check, and go through the proper process to get into this country legally. I just don’t understand why they would go through the hard times of trying to get into the US illegally, instead of just simply filling out papers and getting in the easier way.

This book didn’t really challenge what I thought and heard about this topic. I’ve heard that there is the possibility that these refugees could be trying to target the US and I agree with this. People that are part of groups like ISIS that are trying to escape and come to the US seems very scary to me. These are groups that have tried to attack the US before, and letting in refugees that know the plans of this organization that is possibly our number one enemy seems like we would just be risking the safety of every citizen in the United States.

I do think that it is sad that there are civil wars going on right now in the world and that they are trying to escape, but some of these people escaping could be criminals or terrorists, and I think it would jeopardize the safety of the American people. I also know that there are tons of organizations that are able to help these refugees go to safer places other than their home country, I just think that other countries could help take them in instead of the US. After horrific events like 9/11, I just think it’s very risky to try to bring in people from foreign countries to help them live a better life.

I did enjoy this book very much, but my knowledge of illegal immigration did not change my opinion on this world wide topic. I would like to learn more about this topic and see what perspective everyone else sees this problem in.

Red Ribbon Week

Drugs and alcohol are extremely addicting to children and adults that start using them. Drugs like vapes and cigarettes are targeted to children at a very young age. Companies making these products are trying to catch children early on, because once you have one, you’re hooked for life. That is how addictive and dangerous drugs and alcohol can be. This post explains what Red Ribbon Week is and what drugs and alcohol do to your body.

Red Ribbon Week occurs at most schools and talks about the effects drugs and alcohol have on your body. I personally come from a great home life and have had no experience with anyone in my family being addicted to drugs or alcohol. For this, I am thankful. Cigarettes contain a very high amount of an addictive drug, called nicotine, along with thousands of toxic chemicals. Vape companies have made the juice that is used, fruit flavored to entice children to buy these products. Cigarettes and vapes contain over 4,000 chemicals, and hundreds of them are toxic to your body and your brain. Drugs and alcohol can split up families early on. 70% of teenages that started drinking or smoking, say that they wish they had never started. These teens describe similar situations about how their parents lost their trust and everyone split up. Some of these families never trust each other again.

During Red Ribbon Week, our school makes theme days to fight against drugs. For example, one of those days was twinning with someone in the school. We all saw multiple presentations from people in the area that have either been exposed to drugs or knows how to help people solve the problem. We saw a presentation from a nurse at the local hospital and she explained what she sees in the emergency room from people reacting to drug and alcohol intake. For example, patients that have popcorn lung and react from smoking too much need to come into the emergency room. Sometimes the conditions of patients lungs are so bad, that they have to be fed with a tube going down their nose. We also learned that just two drops of nicotine alone, will put you in the hospital. After smoking or vaping for a year, your lungs build up about two medium sized jars with tar and other gases, which are very dangerous, especially in your lungs. Your lungs will eventually clog up so much, that when you try to breathe, it causes pain in your chest. This happens because the air is trying to escape from your lungs so you can breathe properly, but when they are clogged, the air can’t go anywhere, so your breathing on top of another breath without letting air out.

Addiction is very hard to overcome. The chemicals used to invent these products do something to your brain that makes the craving, and that you always need to have these products with you or else you’ll shut down. The truth is, by using these products, the chemicals shut your body down, but your brain tells you that you’ll shut down if you don’t have them. That is completely false. The addictive drugs in vapes and cigarettes shut your lungs and brain down, causing even more damage.

Alcohol and drugs are very hard for children and adults to overcome after they are consumed. Its best to have the courage to say no under peer pressure and value yourself enough to make positive choices.

George H.W. Bush

The incredibly respectful, loving man and former President, George H.W. Bush, passed away on November 30, 2018. Every person that has had the privilege of meeting the former President said he was very thankful to have meet or worked with them. The kind words from everyone that has worked with him proves that he is one of the most beloved Presidents in history.

George Herbert Walker Bush was a respected President during his time. Part of this might be because he became very qualified for the job at a very young age. Born in Milton, Massachusetts on June 12, 1924, became the student leader at Phillips Academy in Andover. In 1942, Mr. Bush was the youngest pilot at the time to join the Navy, on his 18th birthday. “The youngest pilot in the Navy when he received his wings, he flew 58 combat missions during World War II.” says Frank Freidel and Hugh Sidey, authors that work for the White House website. After this accomplishment, Mr. Bush was awarded Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in action.

After his time in the Navy, George H.W. Bush turned his time into completing his education and starting a family. In January 1945 he married his wife, Barbara Pierce. The two started a family, with George, Robin (who passed away from leukemia as a child), John, Neil, Marvin, and Dorothy. George H.W. Bush became interested in politics, when he was elected a Senator from Connecticut in 1952. After two times of running unsuccessfully for Senate, he was appointed for numerous high level positions like  Ambassador to the United Nations and Chairman of the Republican National Committee. When he was elected President, he had to deal with a dramatically changing world. With the Cold War ended after 40 years and the Soviet Union ceased to exist, Bush began to work to help change the world.

The Secret Service states that George H.W. Bush was and still is, “the agency’s most beloved protectee.” Agents say one of the reasons that he was so beloved by the United States was his loving heart for everyone that protected him and his family. His agents say George H.W. Bush had deep and genuine respect for the law enforcement and Secret Service agents that protect him. During the holidays, Bush would adjust the schedules of law enforcement so everyone could be home with their families. Agents describe the love that he had towards his agents. Bush would remind his agents daily how he recognized and valued agents, that they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect him and his family.

The kind words from everyone that has worked with him proves that he is one of the most beloved Presidents in history. Even after death, George H.W. Bush will continue to impact our nation. His accomplishments will never be forgotten and he will surely be remembered for his acts of kindness.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Thanksgiving comes only once a year, but being thankful everyday doesn’t take much effort. Being grateful everyday other than Thanksgiving shows your family and friends that your thankful for them everyday. Thanksgiving is that one time of year to be extra thankful for everyone and everything in your life.

My family has supported me in everything new I’ve tried, and I’m very grateful for that. They have always encouraged me into doing anything I wanted in school, like joining clubs and participating in volleyball and cheerleading. My parents and siblings always make sure I have everything I need at the right time. They always make sure I have food on the table and a comfortable home, and I can’t thank them enough for it. They’ve supported me in all of the sports that I participate in and have never once missed a game. I’ve created so many fun-filled memories with my family that I’ll have for the rest of my life, and wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Seeing my wonderful friends everyday when I come to school is truly great, and I have so much fun when I’m around them. My friends have given me so many fun memories to keep for the rest of my life. They’ve made me laugh until I started crying, encouraged me in every way, and I’m so thankful to see them everyday. My friends on the cheerleading and volleyball teams have not only helped me improve in the sport, but they have made me the person I am today. I love going to practice everyday and laughing about nothing and really enjoying our time together. The girls on both teams are so supportive in everything I do, and I can’t tell them enough how much I care about them and that nothing will stand in the way of our friendship.

I’m very grateful for the items I own, including my home and pets. My three dogs are so incredibly sweet and hilarious, and they can brighten anyone’s day just by looking at them. The silly things they do, like getting excited when someone puts their shoes on to go outside or the three wrestling with each other makes my day so much better, when I really feel like I can’t deal with anything else. My home is very relaxing to come home to, especially after a long day of not being home. My family works very hard to make sure that me and my older brother have everything we need. My parents always make sure that our phones are working and that we have everything that makes us happy. I’m very thankful for my family, friends, and everything that they have provided me with. I honestly don’t know where I would be without them.

Being thankful everyday is something that should always happen, not just one day out of every year. During Thanksgiving, I find it important to spend time with family and friends, and let them know everyday how important they are to me.

The True Fox and the Hound

The Fox and the Hound was a classic Disney tale about a fox and a hound who became best friends when they were little. But do you know how much Disney changed the story to make it kid-friendly? It’s actually quite surprising how much they changed it.

Disney completely changed the original story to make it without such violence and kid-friendly. In the movie, the fox never met the hunter, and the hunter didn’t care for his dog to hanging around a fox. The fox, Tod, was raised by the hunter’s neighbor after his mother was shot. As the fox got older, he was allowed to venture into the woods. The hunter’s new puppy, Copper, sometimes went into the woods, and that’s where the two met. Instead of once or twice a week, these two went into the woods everyday to hangout, and became inseparable. As the two got older, Tod was released into the wild, and Copper started to hunt for foxes in the woods. This friendship started to fade, as Tod started a family and Copper became the top hunting dog the hunter owned. Copper became angry with Tod, because Copper was being watched by the hunter and didn’t want to give up on hunting, and started hunting him, and then got his back legs hit by a train. He fell of the side of the bridge and Tod kept running. The hunter found Copper, bandaged his wounds, and went to Tod’s den and burned it to shreds. Copper and his owner eventually move to a different spot in the woods and never see each other again.

In the original story, the two animals never met when they were little. The fox was actually raised by the hunter and later released into the wild, and in the movie, the hunter never meets the fox. The hunter has many dogs to go out with him on hunts and the fox occasionally returns to taunt the dogs when their hooked on their chains. One dog ends up breaking out of his chain one day while the fox is taunting them, and starts chasing him. While chasing the fox, the dog ends up getting hit by a train. After the hunter called to the dog and saw his body on the train tracks, he vows revenge on the fox. The hunter becomes obsessed with catching him, but he never can. Although, he does end up killing the fox’s first mate, second mate, and his children. Sadly, the fox does end up dying, but of exhaustion from being chased all day and night. The dog does survive, but is so old that he needs to be shot. That’s the end of the original book. Really different from the movie that’s about a fox and a dog becoming best friends, right?

This type of editing and changing the story happens a lot in Disney tales. Often the original stories are too violent, which causes Disney to change the story. Also, the original books were written a long time ago before parents ever knew about them. The stories started to fade and that’s when Disney came out with each movie. The movies that are the greatest hits in Disney’s movie history are very disturbing and violent. Even though Disney changed most of the original stories in some of the best children’s movies ever, it’s still a joy for children and adults to see.

I think that it’s genius on Disney’s part because little kids can relate to friendships because children usually meet when there younger, like Todd and Copper. The fact that every character dies in the original story, would make it hard for little kids to watch. Disney did a good job of making the movie relate to the children, and not the more violent way.

A Wrinkle In Time

I once read a book called “A Wrinkle In Time”. It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. The main character, Meg, has struggled in school since her dad went missing.  She’s been determined to find him ever since he left. This paragraph will talk about how Meg thinks about her dad being missing, if he was actually killed, or ran away on his own. Meg thinks there is a reason that he left. Also how Meg changed from beginning to end, what motivates her actions, and events that have changed her throughout the story.

Meg’s is very kind, especially to her family, but a little rude to her teachers. She likes to take the shortcut to her homework, especially in math. She doesn’t like to do all the steps getting to the answer, she just likes to do it her way. Her actions always go back to her dad. Every time Meg snaps at one of her teachers or the principal, they always mention her dad. This irritates her more, when they say, “Just move on,” and “Maybe he left for a reason.” Meg is determined to find her dad. She thinks that he left for a reason, and not that he was killed or left on purpose.

When Meg goes on the journey to find her dad, and meets all these new characters, and it helps her change into being patient with others. She eventually learns that she is full of more love than she thought she was. The events of saving Charles Wallace from IT and saving her dad from the black thing helped her see that everything would be okay and that she was stronger than she thought. Meg changes a lot during the story. She sees how much darkness takes over the world and want to becomes the change in that whole scenario. She sees how important loving and being with your family can be, and how much kindness she could bring to the world.

There were many events that changed Meg as a person. At the beginning of the story, Meg was a quiet girl, just trying to get through school and figure out where her dad is. She changed into a happy, fun loving girl. Not just because her dad was home, but that she realised how much she loved her family and the importance of it. She now knows that if she spreads a little kindness to someone, that it could help the world become a happier place. Though, she’ll probably still try to use shortcuts in math.

Ways To Organize Yourself For 8th Grade

This post will answer the question that every future 8th grader will ponder… how do I properly organize my belongings for 8th grade? In my school, we buy folders that are color coded for each class. For example, blue is for math class, red is for social studies, orange is for language arts, and green is for science. When you get homework for math (and I cannot stress this enough) put it right in your math folder! Most of the time work is lost because it wasn’t put away right at the end of class, or it’s put in the wrong folder. Having different colored folders for each class will make a huge difference when that homework is due the next day. Yes, organizing can be a lot of work, but it’s really worth it once you start in a new grade. All the products that will be mentioned can be purchased at your local Walmart.

If you love bright and vibrant colors, like me, school work and folders will be easy to organize for you. Buying different colored pens and pencils will make you want to use those pretty colors, and make you want to organize your stuff a lot more than if you just have pencils. Getting different colored paper clips and binders with different patterns with for sure make you want to organize. If you have different colored supplies and make your notes and homework beautiful with those colored pens, it will make you feel more accomplished and want to keep organizing. By having all these products to make you feel accomplished at the end of the day, you will more likely stay organized than giving up on organizing. 8th grade will seem scary at first, but if you properly organize yourself, you will completely confident going into 8th grade.